Green Lantern, Eureka and More! Oh My!

By Courtney Rowan

It’s that time again fanboys and fangirls, it’s Friday the 13th and boy did some killers news get dumped this week! Read on to learn about upcoming Smallville news, SyFy’s Christmas specials for our Warehouse gang and Eureka, new Green Lantern movie news and more!

Green Lantern Movie Update


This source is pretty reliable…  Last week I reported that they were brining Krona to the new GL movie, but this takes that a little bit further on the whole villain aspect.  I don’t want to give away too much, but has a serious scoop you need to read if you want to know.  Click here now to read the full scoop:

This sounds amazing, people.  I am really getting psyched to see this movie now.  I am really hoping they take it to space a lot too and don’t keep the movie too earth bound.  WooT!


Couple scoops going on here this week, my favorite of which is the return of James Marsters!  Yes, Marsters confirmed he’ll be returning as none other than Braniac 5.  Aw man, you know what that means, right?  Can you say Legion of Super-Heroes? Again?  (At least, I hope.) This has got me totally freaking, one because James Marsters kicks ass, and two for the return of the Legion.  Seeing Marsters as a ‘good guy’ (hoping they stick the comic) might be strange though, especially given his recent role in Caprica.  I really loved what they did with them in the previous season, so knowing that they’ll return is pure awesomeness. Read the full article here:

That’s not all though… check this out – Two more DC Universe characters are set to come to Smallville this year too, Hawkgirl and Deadshot!  According to Kryptonsite, Sahar Biniaz will guest star as Shayera (aka Hawkgirl) in an episode called “Shield.” Bradley Stryker will also appear in the episode as the infamous assassin “Deadshot,” best known for his appearances in the “Suicide Squad” and “Secret Six” comics.  Unsurprisingly, Michael Shanks (“Stargate: SG1”) will also reprise his role as Hawkman in the episode, following his debut during the previous season in the “Justice Society” episode by Geoff Johns.  Read the full article here:

We still have no idea what form Darkseid will take in Smallville‘s final season.  But I did hear that Michael Ironside is returning as General Sam Lane… man, how cool would Ironside as Darseid be?  Yeah… moving on then!

Warehouse 13 & Eureka News

So, yesterday SyFy announced that for the first time Syfy will have an episode each of “Eureka” and “Warehouse 13” for a special Christmas outing that will include not only a holiday-centric (and standalone) episode, but special guest appearances as well. Judd Hirsch and Paul Blackthorne will make their way to “Warehouse 13” while Chris Parnell and Matt Frewer pop up on “Eureka.”  Airlock Alpha released some details on the characters and the guest stars which you can read more about here:

Also, here’s a sneak peek at Monday’s Warehouse 13 when Claudia gets more than she bargained for while training in the field with Myka:–sneak-peek–warehouse-13/v1243712

And of course a sneak peek at tonight’s Eureka. Tiny’s back! Eureka’s producer, Jamie Paglia, has named this episode their “Jurassic Park”. Woo Hoo!

Well, that’s it for today.  Subscribe to the blog and never be left out of the loop!


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