A Peek into Season 6 of Doctor Who!

By Courtney Rowan

Doctor Who 2010 Christmas Special

Crave Online just released a really cool and revealing (no real spoilers though) interview with Piers Wenger, one of the executive producers on Doctor Who.  Here are some excerpts from the article, you can read the full version here.

CraveOnline: After the Christmas special, what’s coming up in season six?

Piers Wenger: Well, season six… you know we’ve got the pressure up after the success of the last season. We really have to raise the bar. Steven has written a two-parter, which will be the first season opening two-parter since the series came back in 2005 and it’s all set in the [United States]. The [production] went to the states to film the American locations for that two-parter. I’m particularly dying to see that one. I think it’s going to be the most ambitious season opener that “Doctor Who” has seen for the last five or six years.

CraveOnline: Are we finally going to learn who River Song is in that two-parter?

Piers Wenger: No. We’re probably not finding that out quite yet, but stay tuned. I think you’ll get really great clues in the coming season.

CraveOnline: Will “Doctor Who” be shooting anywhere else besides Britain and the U.S. in the upcoming season?

Piers Wenger: Not currently. Although, we are nothing if not opportunistic. If an opportunity to do so would arrive, we would probably take it. Or if it would bring something new to an episode and give it a completely new landscape. We’re open to that because we’re always pushing it.

CraveOnline: What was the rationale for splitting season six into two parts next year?

Piers Wenger: I think it was basically driven by the story that Steven had in his head. It had a big [story] in the middle of it and I think [Steven] spoke to the drama commissioner of the BBC about that where he figured “why not build a [structure] that really built to it?” It was an excellent opportunity to really get the audience hooked by making it an end of season cliffhanger. We get a three month hiatus between the first part and the second part in the U.K.

CraveOnline: So, it’ll be seven episodes in the spring, with six episodes and the 2011 Christmas special in the fall, right?

Piers Wenger: That’s right, yes. You’re never more than three months away from the next “Doctor Who.”

CraveOnline: Will that be the schedule going forward even beyond this year?

Piers Wenger: We don’t know that yet. As I said, it was driven by a story thing, by a two-parter from Steven.

CraveOnline: Can you tell us about any guest stars coming up in season six?

Piers Wenger: Well, we tend to do it on a rolling basis when the scripts are ready. But we’ve got some really exciting negotiations going on at the moment. We’ve got Alex Kingston returning for several episodes this year. But at the moment, there’s no one I can actually reveal other than Alex.

The full interview is chock full of killer info on the upcoming Christmas Special and the rest of season six.  In case you missed it, here’s the trailer for the Christmas Special from Children In Need 2010:

source: Crave Online


2 thoughts on “A Peek into Season 6 of Doctor Who!

  1. I certainly hope that there’s more extra-terrestrial adventures than last season. I was actually very disappointed by season 5 because nearly all of the episodes took place on Earth!

    • I can’t say I was disappointed with Series 5, but I definitely agree more off Earth adventures would be awesome… That may be the one downfall of Moffat’s brilliance.

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