Doctor Who Series Six Prequel Webisode

By Courtney Rowan

Stetsons are cool

With one month left to go to the Series Six premiere of Doctor Who, the stakes are getting even higher. Well, at least for us Whovians. This time around after being treated to the Comic Relief videos last week (below), we now will be getting a prequel webisode. I mean, how awesome is that?! Reported by TVOvermind today:

Doctor Who TV has announced that BBC will roll out a prequel webisode to the two-part season premiere “soon,” which will introduce the audience to the menace the Doctor, Amy, and Rory will encounter in the first episode of the sixth season. Written by the shows current showrunner Steven Moffat, the prequel will set “the scene in scary and mysterious style,” according to the BBC.

The network also warns viewers to pay attention to what could be a “new monster,” but whether this monster will be a recurring monster, the Big Bad of the season, or just a one off character has yet to be reported. But we do know that these prequels, especially the first one, will be integral to the plot points for the upcoming series.

“The first prequel stars Stuart Milligan and introduces us to story strands that will bind the Doctor – and enthral his audience – throughout the weeks ahead. We’ll bring you more details soon, but be warned, it’s a scary one…” the BBC advised.

Read the rest of the article here.

Like I said… how awesome is that??!! Now, let’s just hope they release the webisode on the BBC’s official You Tube channel so the whole world can see it as a lot of fans (like myself) are in the US. The BBC did release the Comic Relief Red Nose Day webisodes shortly after airing on the You Tube channel, so here’s hoping! By the way, if you haven’t seen them already, watch now. You won’t be disappointed. Moffat is a genius at the whole Timey-Wimey bit.

So, let the countdown begin! T-minus 30 days and counting until Series Six begins!


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