SyFy Orders One More Episode – Eureka to get a proper goodbye

By Courtney Rowan

I’ve got to follow up with this now.  SyFy has so graciously ordered one more final episode for Eureka to ensure a proper goodbye.  Just days after they announced the cancellation of the series, and just a week after they ordered a sixth season (confused yet?), they announced they will produce one more episode for a proper series sendoff.  Sounds like the fans have been heard. 

E! Online spoke with showrunner Jaime Paglia on set in Vancouver.  Despite the sad ambiance surrounding the recent cancellation, Paglia confirmed that executives  at SyFy are allowing production of a single episode, serving  as a finale  for the five year show.   Awww, how sweet of them.  (sorry, my cynicism is at high level with these frakkers).

Erica Cera, who plays Jo Lupo on the show stated:

[The writers] have the opportunity to give us and the viewers closure—they’ve been loyal, loyal fans for years.

Nial Matter, who plays Zane Donovan had earlier stated:

There’s just not enough time to button everything up. They’re going to work really hard to tie things up, but I read the episode and it’s not how I would want to end this series, that’s for sure.

So, I guess SyFy feels one more will give the writers what they need to wrap up the full story of America’s Smartest Little Town.  I still don’t understand the need for the cancellation, again, other than BOREDOM.  Especially since producer, Amy Berg, stated herself via Twitter on Tuesday- and I quote:

Ratings in for last night’s show. They are excellent, and continue to rise with each new episode. The definition of bittersweet, I guess.

*Sigh*  Oh well, i can’t keep dwelling on this, I’m just going to get more and more pissed.  But, I felt you all should know that one more episode will hopefully give us the wrap up we deserve.

Eureka Season 5 is currently filming and is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2012. Depending on the network’s decision, it may be split across two summers (as Seasons 3 and 4 have been) or air in a single four month run. The thirteenth episode will be the add-on finale.

Source: ScreenRant


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