Doctor Who “Let’s Kill Hitler” Review

By Courtney Rowan

Well, fanboys and fangirls, how about that? Amazing, right?  If you haven’t seen the episode yet, there are definitely spoilers ahead so please stop back after you’ve watch the episode. 

Steven Moffat at it again, huh?  Bringing us a bloody brilliant return episode.  Answering some questions and breeding many, many more.  That’s what I’ll be focusing on, the new questions last night’s episode created.  Mostly because I”m a little confused on some things, as I think is intended.   So let’s start with the obvious:

1. Mels/Melody/River

We are introduced to this new character through some flashbacks of her growing up with Amy and Rory and being their best mate.  But we’ve never seen her before. She’s never been around in any way shape or form.  It’s like she was inserted mysteriously into their timeline from when they were children.   I will admit, I did not see it coming.  I wasn’t really sure why she was even in the episode at first other than to give us the reason behind the title.  Then we travel to late 1930s Berlin and things really get interesting. So here’s what I think I know:

  • She was the little girl who regenerated in the alley at the end of “The Impossible Astronaut”
  • She regenerated into a toddler and is able to control her age, thus allowing her to grow up, er be raised, by Amy and Rory
  • She’s been trained as this weapon by the eye patch lady’s people as planned – to kill The Doctor
Here’s my biggest question around River – does she really know who she is yet?:
  • She knows enough that Amy and Rory are her parents
  • She knows she can regenerate – but does she know she’s part Timelord?
  • She doesn’t know The Doctor is ‘worth it’
  • Intrinsically she knew how to drive the TARDIS – a product of being a child of the TARDIS, I presume.
So, all in all, we get some further answers aboout River Song, but ultimately more questions.  Like, where does she get her lipsticks from?!  By the way Alex Kingston seriously outdid herself this episode.

2. “Hello Benjamin”

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it’s just an homage to The Graduate , and good ‘ol Mrs. Robinson.  But is that it?  Was it just a ploy for her to grab the gun and reference the whole cougar thing with him?  Or is it more than just an American movie reference and a foreshadowing for something bigger?

3. Silence Will Fall and The Question

Well, not just the name for an alien race then?  This one really threw me off.  A religious order, perhaps the Headless Monk’s religious order?  They are silent, since well, they have no mouths.  Or heads for that matter.  But is that too obvious?  It sounded bigger, more ominous.  And okay, what’s the damn question, assuming the answer isn’t 42. Could the actual question simply be, “Doctor Who?”  That seems impossible as The Doctor is only 900 years old and the universe much older than that.  But wouldn’t that be a Moffat twist to make the show title the ultimate question.  I’m not going to lie, I’m really confused on this one.  I didn’t quite understand the switch from The Silence already falling and now a whole new concept being introduced.  That being said I absolutely love it, just don’t fully understand it yet.  I suspect this will be slowly revealed throughout the second half of the series.

4. Fish Fingers and Custard

I adore this connection between young Amelia and The Doctor.  So, when he is dying with just 32 minutes to live, the significance of this line reappears.  And here’s the bigger question – what happened in those 29 minutes between “Fish fingers and custard” and him showing up in a tux and top hat?  Does it take that long to get into fancy dress, or will we be able to revisit this time loss soon?  I suspect it’s larger than just the top hat.

So that’s my thoughts on last night’s episode, I’m dying to hear what you guys thought.  I’m so excited the rest of the season’s returned and cannot wait to see what Moffat’s got in store for us. Until then here’s a preview for next week’s episode, “Night Terrors”:


3 thoughts on “Doctor Who “Let’s Kill Hitler” Review

  1. Ooooh… love this. Thank you for sharing!!

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