The Hunger Games Official Teaser Trailer

By Courtney Rowan

Last night on the MTV Video Music Awards, which I avoided like the plague, the first official teaser Trailer for The Hunger Games was released.

It is at this point that I must gratefully thank the inventor of the DVR, and also the people who live tweet everything.  This is  because, one – I didn’t have to actually subject myself to the awfulness that is MTV for two hours and two, I found via Twitter that the VMAs were indeed running over and that the trailer premiered during this overtime which allowed me to delete the two hours of awfulness from my DVR and just grab the first 20 minutes of whatever show came on afterwards, during which the trailer aired.  (catching my breath)

Okay, now that that’s off my chest…  Why do I care?  Well, here’s why – this is my original review of the first book on Goodreads when I read it last February:

I am recommending this book to everyone! It was completely unexpected… Picture North America in the future where the government now consists of the ever-present Capitol which controls 12 Districts. Each year the Capitol forces each district to choose one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 to fight in the Hunger Games to serve as a reminder of their oppression. These 24 teenagers are then forced to fight to the death on live television while all districts are forced to watch with only one Victor. Things change when Katniss Everdeen’s 12 yr old sister, Primrose, is chosen and Katniss (16) volunteers to take her place. What Katniss doesn’t know is that she becomes the symbol of hope and learns about true survival, love and human compassion while in the arena… It is killer suspenseful, political themes and downright awesomeness. Just read it. 😉

Then, a year later, I found out it was going to be made a movie, then the casting started.  Then I started to get super stoked.  Then , at last, out first glimpse was last night.  Here it is in its teaser trailer glory:

This is one of the best teaser’s I have seen in a while because well, it’s actually a teaser.  We really don’t get much, except Katniss in the games running around the Arena looking scared as hell, some fireballs, and some voice over from Gale.  And at the end, that creepy whistle.  Brilliant.  This is what a teaser trailer should do (IMO) give us almost nothing, yet enough to get the juices flowing.  I just got THAT much more excited for this flick.

Some other things i can point out from the trailer that I love is that Katniss looks her age.  I was concerned with the casting from an age standpoint ( I knew Jennifer Lawrence could pull off the character), but she really looks young in this.  The Bow and Arrow – key Katniss weaponry, and her look of fear.  She was never secure in the Arena and already I get the feeling that she will pull of f the internal emotion we received in the book from her first person POV.

Okay, I’m gonna watch again… You can expect me to be geeking out on this ALMOST as much as Doctor Who.  Looking forward to geeking out together.

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.


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