George Lucas changes Star Wars again… NOOOOOOOO!!!!

By Courtney Rowan

I’m not sure how much of a surprise this will be, but this is getting to be a joke.  Lucas cannot leave well enough alone, apparently.  I’m as much as a fangirl as the next guy, but some things should NOT be changed. (*ahem* HAN SHOT FIRST *ahem*)

The newest rumor (and I’m praying it’s just that) is that George Lucas has added Darth Vader’s dreaded, “NOOOOOO!!” from the end of Episode 3, Revenge of The Sith,  into Return of the Jedi.  I believe the response I posted when this was shared with me was: I. Will. Kill. Him.  I stand by that.   Jedi is a masterpiece, second only to Empire (IMO).  Why do you have to mess with this??!! has some more details on this change and a video, which seems to be photo, er, audio-shopped to me… one can only hope.  Check this out with the new footage:

I will say that I am okay with some other changes, namely them updating Yoda to the digital version.  I never really noticed how much better the new version looked until I saw him side by side with the original puppet.  Kinda creepy, the original was.  Check this out – wasn’t so much different in my head:

Another rumor is a change to Obi-Wan’s Krayt Dragon call from A New Hope.  No real confirmation  on that.  Be sure to head on over to for the full article.



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