Fringe: Worlds Apart – Never Closer to Home

By Courtney Rowan

*SPOILERS* – don’t read yet if you haven’t watched the episode!

I really just want to take a minute to express my love for this show. Maybe it’s all the excitement stemming from the renewal announcement last week, but after Friday’s episode, Worlds Apart, I just can’t resist…

Hands down the best scene in the whole show (possibly the whole series) was between Walter and Walternate. Both visually and scripting – it was absolutely beautiful.

It was the scene that finally said to me, “Hey, these other universe peeps are just trying to do what’s right by them.” And that’s OK with me.

I’m sure that was absolutely the intent of the writers, and I did feel this coming along over this whole season. But something about seeing the two Walters sitting side by side, like children themselves, expressing their love for basically the one thing they both hold dear… And, the possibility of losing him once again despite everything that’s already happened – the prospect of losing Peter. Again. Holy frak, I was blown away. The parent in me made this scene break my heart even further.

If John Noble doesn’t get an Emmy for this show, I may have to punch a whole into my own other universe.

Walternate: I know what you’re afraid of. It occurs to me, so I’m sure it occurs to you to. That if the machine stops working, Peter may disappear.
Walter: I believe it may have brought him here. There’s no reason it can’t take him away.
Walternate: Twenty-five years ago you couldn’t have made this decision. You didn’t.
Walter: I’ve come to accept that he’s not ours.

In a nutshell, here’s the episode summary:

The Fringe FBI team visits the Alt-Universe, where Walter warns them about David Robert Jones’ plan to collide the worlds, thus creating his own controllable land (with his own laws of physics, no less!). To make the universes vibrate at the same frequency, Jones uses Cortexiphan subjects as the tuning device, which results in earthquakes across both worlds. In the alt-universe, Nick Lane comes to Lincoln saying that he had a vision about the earthquakes before they occurred. Together they cross over. Olivia realizes that Nick is another Cortexiphan kid, and to track down Nick’s “over here” version, Walter links Olivia’s brain with the “over there” Nick. Successfully finding him, Olivia then tries to convince our Nick to give up Jones’ location so that they do not have to close the bridge between universes to save them. However, Nick leads them astray (naturally) and they must close the bridge. Lincoln decides to move to the other side.

For a full recap, visit Television Without Pity.

I’m unsure of what to think about the bridge closing, namely because I don’t think it is permanent. I guess that’s why I wasn’t sad at the end of the episode like I should have been. It’s just too easy. There is no way in hell we will never see our alt-versions again. (I also think not ever having Seth Gabel back on is a sin against fangirls across the world. Was it not enough you deprived us of Josh in the beginning of Season 4??!!)


Check out Buddy TV’s recap by quote – which is awesome, to see some of the best lines of the episode (including the Walters scene above).

Here is my other favorite quote from Friday’s epi:

Olivia (to Bolivia): Keep looking up, after it rains. Keep looking up.

Fringe airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox. Season 4 concludes on May 11.

Source: Buddy TV, Television Without Pity


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