Fringe Recap: Brave New World, Part 1 – The Fallen Bishop

By Courtney Rowan

*SPOILERS* ahead, wait to watch the new episode before reading this post… trust me.

Before I even get into the official recap stuff, let me just say, HOLY FRAK. How the hell was Fox able to keep under wraps the massive-ness of Nimoy’s return? Did I just miss this news? No, I totally had no idea he was coming back to screen. He’s been pretty adamant about ‘retiring’ with the exception of VO work…  And Alex Astrid, poor Astrid. She’ll survive, a fan fave never goes… right? RIGHT? On a side note, I could watch a spinoff of just Astrid and Walter for hours.

So what happened?

The show opens with people basically spontaneously combusting all over the place when some smart woman realizes that it’s from their movement and tells them to freeze – “Nobody Move”. Then we are left with a scene of a bunch of dead folks on the ground and a bunch of people standing perfectly still surrounding them.  It was much creepier than its sounds. Turns out they’ve all been infected with nannites which are overheating people’s bodies and causing the deaths.

In steps Rebecca Mader as Jessica Holt (another LOST alum), who allows Walter to use her as an experiment to solve the mystery and create an antidote for the nannite infection. Back at his lab, she starts to overheat like the others but Olivia is somehow able to use her kinetic cortexiphan driven powers to actually lower Jessica’s body temperature, thus saving her. Pretty damn cool..

Earlier in the show they had a scene where Peter and Olivia are discussing new houses and she mentions a nursery, this now gets completely rethought out with the fact they will never lead a normal life with the line of work they do, not to mention her ‘super powers’.

Now, of course, they discover through some surveillance video that David Robert Jones is behind it all. Apparently, he isn’t giving up on destroying worlds yet.  Back at the lab, Walter, on further inspection of said nannites, realizes their design can only be linked to one man…

Cut to – Jones walking down a dark corridor – he opens a door, announcing that “Dunham has stopped [them] once again.” The tall figure across the room faces its subordinate.  It’s WILLIAM frakkin BELL!  OMG. Seriously, I was floored.  Confused. And elated.

It’s at this point that I realize shit’s about to get serious.

Poor Walter, no one believes him that Belly is alive, so he goes on a goose chase of sorts travelling to the old mental hospital they saved him from where they manage to take some hospital records back to the lab (great scene, btw, of Walter sniffing and licking the documents like a dog.)

“Are you…? – Doctor
“Crazy? NO.” – Walter.

Back to Peter and Olivia at home being all adorable and lovey,  when suddenly they see a bright light through their window. Then we see Broyles who is also watching this unfold. The bright light then focuses on one particular building and proceeds to destroy it floor by floor!

Back to the Walter and Astrid show (please Fox?!!)

Walter uses some lemon cake, pig brains and cortexiphan to unlock the secrets of the hospital records.  Which are fingerprints and a brown smudge- almonds, Belly’s fave food. Go Walter! They head out (with resistance from Astrid, but Walter doesn’t drive) to further prove his existence.

Um, did I mention the lemon cake was made in an Easy Bake Oven?

The Fringe team has realized the bright light is actually a focused Sun ray and discover the satellites controlling this. Peter and Olivia are assigned the two buildings across from each other to disable each and stop the destruction. Robert David Jones sits watching the two of them as he has been instructed by William Bell ‘to take out the Bishop’.  He then follows Peter to the top of the building, no doubt murder on the mind.

Jones comes up behind Peter and kicks him in the back while he’s working to disable the satellite. A fight breaks out and it seems Olivia can get a shot on Jones from across the other building. Of course security shows up, forces her to drop her gun and she is now helpless to watch Peter and Jones go at it… Or not.

She somehow channels Peter and fights Jones, as if she had a remote control.  (Cortexiphan powers ACTIVATE!) Jones falls into the satellite and then to the ground.

“I was the sacrifice. I was the bishop,” he says and part of him disintegrates.

Wow. They killed that bastard. About time.

Back to Walter and Astrid who make it to a warehouse, HT Imports, looking for someone who apparently no longer works there. There’s a shady dude they talk to about it who then walks off in a hurry. Astrid reminds Walter something is shady and shows him the dude had a gun. Walter doesn’t give up though. Naturally, that dude finds them and even though Astrid pulls her gun, she’s not fast enough when another dude shows up and has a rifle from behind her.  She kicks the rifle dude and then she and Walter run through a maze of trailers, dodging bullets left and right. Then, the unspeakable happens… Astrid is shot! It looks REALLY bad. She collapses and Walter pulls her onto his lap. Then…

William Bell walks up, evil chuckle on tongue.  He thought he’d never see his old friend again.

Neither did we.

My jaw is still hanging wide, while my mind churns in anticipation torture until next week’s finale.

Here’s a preview for Part 2:

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