“The Walking Dead” Season 3 Spoilers and Teases!

By Courtney Rowan

It’s been way too long since we left our survivors stranded in the forest. Finally, today some new information is out for season 3!

The finale left us with some serious surprises and kick-ass moments – the introduction of Michonne and the final shot of the Prison off in the distance behind the survivors’ camp.   Season 3 has begun production and Robert Kirkman has started to do some interviews from the set.

AMCtv.com posted an interview, the first in a series, in which Kirkman teases about what’s in store for the gang later this year.

Regarding the prison:

As fans of the comics, we’ve been waiting for this moment all along. And if you’re not a comic reader, that shot was pretty ominous so you know something big is going to come out of this place.   It was a great set up for where next season will be heading. Kirkman calls it, “one of the most impressive looking things that’s ever been put together for a show.”

Kirkman states:

“It’s important to us to maintain the tone of the show. Thus far [the characters] have been out on the road, desperate and living in the heat, and we don’t want it to be that they’re relaxing in this safe place now.”

With the farm now gone and overrun with walkers, they need a place to sit and take a breath. And while this may seem like a safe haven from the walkers, Kirkman further says:

“…humans, however, do not follow any rules and will always do something that surprises you and are capable of doing things far worse than trying to eat you…We’re definitely going to be seeing a lot of horrible things.”

Regarding Michonne:

In the finale, what had to be everyone’s (at least the comic readers) favorite scene was Andrea’s savior, the mysterious hooded badass with two arm-less zombies in chains lagging behind. And, as a non-comic reader I hope at least an elated, audible, “WTF?!” escaped your mouth.

It was announced right after that show that Danai Gurira (Treme) will be playing Michonne in the third season. Kirkman has said that she’s “doing an amazing job” with sword training, and “the originals of the sword will be revealed.” She’s going to be “using a sword that we specially designed for the show.”

I cannot wait to see the level of bad-assery she will bring to season 3.

Regarding the rest of the season:

We are getting 16 episodes this year; an increase over the original 6 and last year’s 13.  And, according to Kirkman:

“When you think about The Walking Dead comic series, you think about oh, the stuff they did with the Governor, the stuff they did with the prison and Woodbury and Michonne. And that’s really a lot of the stuff that people remember the story for and that’s stuff we haven’t even gotten to in the TV show yet. So as much as people love the show, and as high as the ratings are, and as cool as the show is, I feel like we haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet. This season is absolutely going to blow people away.”

When asked about the 16 episodes:

“We are going to get to tell bigger stories, and tell more stories, and get into the characters a lot more. So the more the merrier.”

Read the full interview here with AMCtv.com.

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