About these geeks

I’mThatGeek – I proudly live in the world of geekdom and love it. And I’m a chic… and a mom. I don’t know if that makes me different or not. What I do know that I am passionate about a few things and I want to share my obsessions and want to hear what you’re geeking out on. Hopefully, you’ll find my ramblings intriguing, fun and interesting enough to read & want to share too… or not. It’s okay. We can’t all be lovers.

Cosmic Castaway – I’m a lover of sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, hot chicks and live just outside the realm of normal. Maybe we’ve met there?


6 thoughts on “About these geeks

  1. I like that you like doctor who, thats all.

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  5. I would like to know if I can make a print of the image in the below link. I want to affix the Doctor Who stamps in space to the right of Tardis and give it as a gift to a fan.

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