J.J. Abrams to direct the next ‘Star Wars’ film

By Courtney Rowan

JJ Abrams to direct next 'Star Wars' film

Reuters (Fabrizio Bensch) / Lucasfilm

The interwebs were set on fire yesterday when news broke that none other than sci-fi directing genius, J.J. Abrams (Lost, Fringe, Star Trek) was announced as being the next appointed director for ‘Star Wars: Episode VII‘.

Handle this news, my feeble mind cannot.

When I first read this yesterday, naturally I was in a state of disbelief. I mean, the same man helming the two biggest sci-fi franchises in the history of sci-fi? I’m still a little flabbergasted and suspicious as no one has officially confirmed this information.  Now that the age old question of Star Wars vs. Star Trek is in the hands of one of the greatest directors ever, YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID.

The Wrap broke this news yesterday stating that,

an individual with knowledge of the production told TheWrap.

Deadline is also reporting that according to a source for them,

“It’s done deal with J.J.”

I’m honestly not sure whether to be excited or scared. Admittedly, I am a huge J.J. Abrams fan and I believe if anyone has the chops, its him. But, handling these two franchises causes concern.  Although, lens flares on light sabers HAVE to look cool.

Hopefully, we’ll get some absolute confirmation on this soon so fanboys and fangirls across the world can take a deep breath and relax. Despite all the flames, The Wrap did state,

Reached by TheWrap, Lynne Hale, spokeswoman for Lucasfilm, declined to comment immediately. Neither CAA, which represents Abrams, nor Bad Robot immediately responded to requests for comment.

So, no solid confirmation yet. In the meantime, ponder this –

Source: The Wrap, Deadline

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“Looper” Review

Is it possible that there is an actor who has played two different characters and has had that character watch himself die twice – in two different movies? Serious question. I don’t even know how to Google that. (And don’t bother; what comes up is for a completely different type of blog). But, if you can find an answer let me know, I love that kind of non relevant trivia.



Over the weekend, Looper was viewed by yours truly – a time travel movie starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis – as the same guy. (I know, right?) After 2 hours of strange characters, mind warping chase scenes, and an ending that, while is somewhat predictable, but still interesting, I have to say . . . . BRAVO! I loved this movie! It took me about a day to actually process the concepts that were re-introduced to me through this movie. Suddenly, I was transported back to college, hanging in the lounge discussing the ‘what ifs’ of time travel with one of my best friends.

The story is essentially about a man name Joe, who is a Looper. Loopers are organized crime’s hit men that live 30 years before time-travel is invented. I should mention that time travel is illegal in the future. Loopers are run by a man from the future, played by Jeff Daniels. They are given a specific time and place to be, where a target appears out of thin air, hooded and gagged. They then execute the poor, nameless, faceless, individuals and dispose of the bodies. Evidently, it is harder to get rid of a body in the future, but never really explained why – one of the movie’s few shortcomings.

Now the fun starts… Joe, played by both Joseph Gordon Levitt (younger) and Bruce Willis (older) is a kind of a yuppie hit man. Younger Joe is paid very handsomely for his Looper service, and lives the life of a celebutard. Hard drugs, fast cars, faster women are his life, with a little murder and body disposal to fund it. But, Joe is soon forced to confront the fact that his “loop has been closed”. Wait – what does that mean, you ask? Well, one day, when a hit man ends up knowing too much, and doesn’t have much use left to the organization, the hit man is sent back from the future, to be killed by his younger self (and not willingly), thus – “closing the loop”. This is what happens to Joe.

Joe is now faced with the problem that he knows he has about 30 years of life left. What follows are scenes of high tension of chase and be chased. Joe, having let his older self escape, must now find a way to avoid, not only his present employers, but also find his older self in the hopes that ending his own older life, he can avoid having his loop closed.

Shazzbott! My head hurt, but evidently so does everyone’s in this movie.

See, older Joe, doesn’t know what younger Joe does until a short time before he actually does it. It is then that a headache will clear older Joe’s foggy memory of what has happened. A great concept, that shows the future is not fully written and can be changed, but not really.
Like any good time-travel movie, consequences are propelled forward from younger version to older, and with the pacing of a pretty good action movie.


Revealed through subplot, Older Joe has actually come back to stop a super-powered telekinetic individual who is responsible for a future genocide. Telekinetic powers are evident in about 10 percent of the human population in the future, but relegated to making quarters and lighters float above your hand in a Criss Angel freaky kind of way. I really liked this weird twist, but wished they would have developed it more since it goes from being a flirting party trick to a HUGE plot point.

Looper is a movie that tries to make you travel into your own ‘what if’ past, while also delivering on an action movie level. Did it have its problems? Sure, but as a sci-fi movie fan, I found so few distracting sequences of events, that I had to give this movie 3 out of 4 blasters.

Also, look for time travel alum, Garret Dillahunt, to show up and start the final scenes of the movie as “best with a Gat” hit man on the hunt for Joe and well . . . Joe.

So, yes, you should go see this movie. Now – Go forth and be awesome!

Cosmic Castaway is a contributor to I’m That Geek, you can follow him on twitter at @CC420, shoot him an email at cosmiccastaway33@yahoo.com or read more about his awesomeness here.

Fringe Gets Renewed For Fifth And Final Season!

By Courtney Rowan

Okay, well, after your awe that this is not a Doctor Who post, you can move on to the most exciting genre news released this week (IMO). Fox actually listened to their fans and RENEWED FRINGE FOR A FIFTH AND FINAL SEASON! The gasps and squeals of delight shock from fans around the world were tangible when the news broke Thursday evening. We even got a trailer to boot! Check out the awesomeness below:

Granted, they only are giving us 13 episodes, I don’t care. I’ll take it. I will soak up every last minute of these episodes, absorbing every last ounce of Bishopness, Walternate and Fauxlivia I can get.

J.J. Abrams released this statement with the news:

“We are thrilled and beyond grateful that Fox – and our fans – have made the impossible possible: Fringe will continue into a fifth season that will allow the series to conclude in a wild and thrilling way. All of us at Bad Robot are forever indebted to our viewers and the amazingly supportive Fox network for allowing the adventures of Fringe Division to not only continue, but to resolve in a way that perfectly fits the show.”

The fans – US – need to be congratulated for this one. Believe me, I’d like to think I am part of many fandoms and I love them all, but the Fringe fandom is absolutely brilliant. I mean, have you seen the #WhereIsPeterBishop campaign?! It is an absolute testament to the creativity, loyalty and downright awesomeness of this group. This video literally gives me chills every time I watch it. (It could be my slight fangirl obsession with Joshua Jackson too… but I digress. ;P)

This is not without recognition from the show big wigs either,

“This pickup means the world (both of them) to us, because we love sharing these stories with our enthusiastic fans,” showrunners and executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman said. “On behalf of the cast and crew, we applaud our fans and Fox for allowing us to imagine the impossibilities together for so long. Season Five is going to be a conclusive thrill ride for all of us.”

I cannot express my happiness, I want to scream so many ecstatic things right now, but in the words of one of my favorite on screen geeks, “I can’t express myself monosyllabically enough for you to understand ’em all!”


Fringe airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox. Season 4 concludes on May 11.

Source : Comic Book Resources

Doctor Who Rumor: Benedict Cumberbatch as The Master?

By Courtney Rowan

Doctor Who Benedict Cumberbatch

I am not normally one to buy into Doctor Who rumors, but this one I just could not ignore.  For my love of all things Moffat and Cumberbatch has driven me to share this.  The Daily Express recently reported that the Sherlock star is being tapped to play none other than The Master in the 50th Anniversary episode for Doctor Who.

Supposedly, program insiders say the 35-year-old actor is likely to lock horns with current Time Lord Matt Smith, 29, when the series marks its half-century next year.   Ironically, Cumberbatch was linked with the role of the Doctor himself ahead of David Tennant’s departure in 2009, but reportedly turned it down.  (I’m still okay with this for 12, btw.)

Here’s a quote from Express:

“It’s fitting that the Doctor comes face to face with his ultimate enemy The Master for the 50th anniversary and it’s felt Benedict is the perfect choice if schedules can work,” a  source told the paper.  “Fans will love the idea of the man who plays Sherlock Holmes taking on the Doctor. Benedict has often been asked about whether he would like to play the Doctor, so it will be ironic if he now ends up being The Master instead.”

Cumberbatch has been really popular in sci-fi circles as of late with his role in both The Hobbit as Smaug and the Star Trek sequel currently being filmed as a yet unamed villain.  (I’m completely okay with this too.)

The Master, who is a rogue Time Lord and is described as The Doctor’s biggest enemy, was last portrayed by John Simm when David Tennant was the tenth Doctor.

I will follow anything Benedict Cumberbatch does, and the fact that this is Doctor Who, doubly so.

Sherlock returns to PBS Masterpiece Classic (in the US) on May 6, 2012 with the first episode, A Scandal in Belgravia.  Watch a scene from that here.

Source: io9, Daily Express

Doctor Who 6.13: “The Wedding of River Song” – Prequel AND Trailer!

By Courtney Rowan

Holy nerdgasm alert, fanboys and fangirls!  

Last night’s Closing Time bred not only a ‘next time on’ trailer, but a whole creepy prequel to the Who series finale also.  What a treat for a Sunday morning, right?  Not much else to say about these two, but well…  WATCH!

The Wedding of River Song Prequel

The Wedding of River Song Trailer

Doctor, brave and good,

He turned away from violence,

When he understood,

The falling of the silence…

Doctor Who returns for the finale on Saturday October 1st at 9:00 PM on BBC America with The Wedding of River Song.

“Sherlock” Season 2: First Look

By Courtney Rowan

By this point, you must be fully aware of my obsession with all things Doctor.  Well, that obsession seems to be spilling over into all things Moffat.  Admittingly, I have only read a few of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s masterpieces.  But what I do seek out is any modernization of classic notions.  Insert Sherlock last year.  And it was bloody brilliant.  It honestly may have been the most intriguing 4 and half hours of television I watched all last year.   And bonus that Martin Freeman in portraying Watson, and will be Bilbo Baggins in the upcoming Hobbit.  Double bonus for casting an actor named Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock.  I mean, the name says it all, not to mention, when you get down to it –  he simply kicked ass.

While we will not get any new Sherlock on screen until 2012, The BBC has released some footage through a promotional video highlighting their upcoming programming.  The clip shared is from the second episode, “The Hounds of Baskerville”, an adaptation of a famous Holmes story, The Hound of Baskervilles.

In this sneak peek we see Russell Tovey (Being Human) as Henry Baskerville being dismissed by Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch). Holmes appears to not see anything significant in the case, telling Baskerville that the footprints “could be anything, therefore nothing.” Though we later see Holmes and Watson (Martin Freeman) investigating in the dark, so something must entice Holmes towards this case. Let’s take a look:

TV Overmind has some more details on this, so head on over and read the full article!

We have our Irene Adler!

This is sort of old news, but since I was sharing some Sherlock stuff, I wanted to add this because I do love this character.  The first book I ever read was of course, A Scandal in Bohemia in which we meet our Irene.  She is in fact a formidable match for Holmes which I think excites and perplexes him.  Throughout Doyle’s writings he always references Adler as ‘her’ , almost as if she’s the one that got away.  The actress who has been cast is Lara Pulver.  Now, the character is American, from new Jersey in-fact, but Pulver is British.  Let’s hope they stick to the storyline.

The three new episodes will be titled:

  • A Scandal in Belgravia
  • The Hounds of Baskerville
  • The Reichenbach Fall
Can’t wait to see how they handle the enormous cliffhanger from last season as well.  Bomb, no bomb? Does  Moriarty get away? (of course, right?)  So many questions!

Season 2 of Sherlock will air in early 2012 on the BBC and in May 2012 on PBS.  Until then, the game, as  they say, is afoot!

The Hunger Games Official Teaser Trailer

By Courtney Rowan

Last night on the MTV Video Music Awards, which I avoided like the plague, the first official teaser Trailer for The Hunger Games was released.

It is at this point that I must gratefully thank the inventor of the DVR, and also the people who live tweet everything.  This is  because, one – I didn’t have to actually subject myself to the awfulness that is MTV for two hours and two, I found via Twitter that the VMAs were indeed running over and that the trailer premiered during this overtime which allowed me to delete the two hours of awfulness from my DVR and just grab the first 20 minutes of whatever show came on afterwards, during which the trailer aired.  (catching my breath)

Okay, now that that’s off my chest…  Why do I care?  Well, here’s why – this is my original review of the first book on Goodreads when I read it last February:

I am recommending this book to everyone! It was completely unexpected… Picture North America in the future where the government now consists of the ever-present Capitol which controls 12 Districts. Each year the Capitol forces each district to choose one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 to fight in the Hunger Games to serve as a reminder of their oppression. These 24 teenagers are then forced to fight to the death on live television while all districts are forced to watch with only one Victor. Things change when Katniss Everdeen’s 12 yr old sister, Primrose, is chosen and Katniss (16) volunteers to take her place. What Katniss doesn’t know is that she becomes the symbol of hope and learns about true survival, love and human compassion while in the arena… It is killer suspenseful, political themes and downright awesomeness. Just read it. 😉

Then, a year later, I found out it was going to be made a movie, then the casting started.  Then I started to get super stoked.  Then , at last, out first glimpse was last night.  Here it is in its teaser trailer glory:

This is one of the best teaser’s I have seen in a while because well, it’s actually a teaser.  We really don’t get much, except Katniss in the games running around the Arena looking scared as hell, some fireballs, and some voice over from Gale.  And at the end, that creepy whistle.  Brilliant.  This is what a teaser trailer should do (IMO) give us almost nothing, yet enough to get the juices flowing.  I just got THAT much more excited for this flick.

Some other things i can point out from the trailer that I love is that Katniss looks her age.  I was concerned with the casting from an age standpoint ( I knew Jennifer Lawrence could pull off the character), but she really looks young in this.  The Bow and Arrow – key Katniss weaponry, and her look of fear.  She was never secure in the Arena and already I get the feeling that she will pull of f the internal emotion we received in the book from her first person POV.

Okay, I’m gonna watch again… You can expect me to be geeking out on this ALMOST as much as Doctor Who.  Looking forward to geeking out together.

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.