SyFy Summers

By Courtney Rowan

I’ve been waiting all year to take my summer vacation to Eureka. America’s smartest little town is such an awesome place to visit each week. It’s a place I can go each year to see all my old friends and meet new ones. Maybe I can stay and get a job at Warehouse 13… hmmmm.

Okay, seriously, these shows are awesome. SyFy can sometimes pump out the serious cheese, but these two shows are gems that they’ve let breathe and thankfully so. Granted, SyFy hasn’t always given us B level shows and flicks, they did produce BSG and Farscape, among my top 5 SciFi genre shows ever, but you never what you’re gonna get when they create something on their own.

*Some SPOILERS Ahead*

Let’s talk Eureka for a moment. They really flipped this season upside down already. And how stoked am I that we get James Callis every week again?! I know he’s been a few places since the end of BSG, but he really fits well with this cast (IMO). Although, I’m not sure what to make of his American accent…

What I love most about Eureka is the brilliant dialogue. They manage to work intelligence and comedy into every outing, and I think that is a huge task, kudos to the writers. The level of science that is played into each script is amazing and for the most part accurate (although I’m not a physicist). Yet, I know plenty of people who watch and are in no way intimidated by the concepts and seem to totally get it. I guess having Carter there to ‘be’ the average viewer so they get to dumb it down for a reason helps too. I love that they’ve brought Allison’s son back after he mysteriously disappeared over the last two seasons. Is it me or did they just randomly not mention him over the last couple seasons after Nathan died? I think. Anyway, I felt they had left that plot line sort of hanging in the wind, so the new twist should be interesting. I’ll admit I’m not so enthused about Tess being back, she worked for last season, but I guess since her show failed on ABC, she was re-written in, how nice. (Maybe my hots for the Sheriff are making me a little biased.) With the changes this season, I thought for sure they’d figure out a way rather quickly to go back to ‘normal’, but from what I’ve read they are going to stick with the major changes put into play. That is so very cool and a bold move on the writer’s/producer’s part. Poor Lupo. Poor Carter and Allison. Good luck, Henry. And welcome, Dr. Charles Grant!

Overall, the whole cast is quite brilliant; from Joe Morton (Henry) to Erica Cerra (Lupo) to Chris Gauthier (Vincent). (Gauthier, by the way, is forever Toyman, in my eyes, thanks to his kick-ass performance on Smallville recently.) They all bring something really special to their performance each week and together just pull off one of the best sci-comedies ever written. I wonder if I could get Fargo to sneak me into GD? Or like I said earlier, I could just head over to Warehouse 13…

Warehouse 13
Warehouse 13 is an amazing concept. Again, casting seems to be key for this show and the writing is equally fun. Season One had its ups and downs but overall I was sucked in each week. I think Eddie McClintock is the perfect every geek. This plays nicely off of straight edge Myka. And Saul Rubinek… what an awesome actor. He’s been one of my favorite character actors over the years and this part just seems to be so ideal for him. He’s the lovable curmudgeon. When they introduced Claudia last year I wasn’t sure what to think. But after a couple episodes, I found myself hoping she would stick around and so glad she has. I absolutely love her character. She pulls it all together for me, not to mention I kind of want to be her. The season opener this year was really well done; I’m loving the HG Wells thing, even though I’m sad to see the amazing nemesis of Robin Colcord, I mean James McPherson, go. I thought he made an excellent villain. That being said, the chic playing HG Wells was an absolute looney on Dexter and I hope she brings some of that zeal to this show. Everyone loves a good looney, right? Especially when they are smart… like, scary smart.

So, basically I am super stoked for the return of these shows. It sucks that they have shorter seasons, but it does make you appreciate them a little more. They really are the best thing to happen to summer TV in a long time. The climax for me will def be seeing the crossover epis where Claudia makes it over to Eureka and Fargo visits the Warehouse gang. Awesomeness.

Briefly, I watched Haven as I am an avid Stephen King fan and although the first show intrigued me, I wasn’t blown away. I’m going to give it some time and hope that it goes somewhere special, but they can’t possibly except to hit it out of the park every time.

So what do you think? Are you loving these shows as much as I am? I wanna hear from you guys… Comment!