New Doctor Who Series 7 Episode Details and other Random Who-ness

By Courtney Rowan

And now back to our regularly scheduled program…

There’s been a ton of news since my last Doctor Who post, so let’s get to it, eh? Possible *SPOILERS* ahead, so if you truly don’t want to know anything about the upcoming series, skip this post!

So where to start… when last we left our heroes, we found out that Arthur Weasley Mark Williams will be on an episode this year. I can now confirm it will be Episode Two, for which the writer is Chris Chibnall. This episode will also star Rupert Graves, who you will most likely recognize from Sherlock on which he plays DI Lestrade.  It will be part set in Ancient Egypt and features Queen Nefertiti, Rory’s dad, and robots. This episode, According to Doctor Who Magazine, will have one of the biggest sets ever constructed for the show.

Episode One

This will be a Dalek story, but with a bit of a spin, apparently.  It will be featuring Daleks from many different eras of the show. Check out the pic below tweeted from Steven Moffat.

Moffat says the first episode will be a bit like the movie Die Hard and teased the title as [Spoiler] of the [Spoilers]. Most likely it will be “[Something] of the Daleks” given the title tradition and the fact they feature. Part-set in Ancient China with The Doctor is given a task to complete by the Chinese Emperor. According to Caroline Skinner, it will feature “Every Dalek known to man.”

Episode Three

Okay, this episode is already my fave because it guest stars Farscape alum, Ben Browder!! (severe fangirl attack.)  On top of that, the episode writer is Toby Whitehouse. This is the ‘gunslinger’ episode featured heavily in the Series 7 trailer released. Whithouse spoke to BBC America about this episode:

“My episode is in a genre I’ve never written before — frankly, no one has written in that genre for quite a while now. But I absolutely love it. Steven gives me a one-line pitch, and then I’ll go away and put together a story and so on. And he gave me a great one-line pitch for this, so I’m really excited about it. Doctor Who is always a joy to write. It never gets boring, it never gets dull, it never gets routine. It’s an incredibly difficult show to write because it’s remarkably complex, but it also has to have such momentum and pace. And within that there has to be room for character and humour and so on. It’s always a huge challenge but always extraordinary fun. That’s why I keep going back.”

Excited?? Yeah, a little.

Episode Four

Not really much to discuss here except that it is written by Chris Chibnall as well.

Episode Five

This is the one… the final goodbye for Amy and Rory. I know I’m going to cry, two reasons; first I’m going to miss these companions immensely and second – the Weeping Angels scare the shit out of me. Yes, Weeping Angels will be back for the parting of the Ponds.  Also, they were recently spotted filming in a Welsh graveyard were the main three characters and Alex Kingston once more reprising her role as River Song.  Oh, and the writer – Steven Moffat, who has made this statement, “Not everybody gets out alive – and I mean it this time!” Calling it now – Amy is out.  I’m mentally preparing and stocking up on tissues for this one already.  Check out this pic below:

In terms of other casting news for this episode, Mike McShane has revealed, via his Twitter account, that’s he currently filming Doctor Who and that he’s appearing in the fifth episode. His role is unconfirmed.

Episode Six – The Christmas Special

And here is where we get our new companion (pictured below). Welcome, Jenna-Louise Coleman! This episode is also written by Steven Moffat, who says this about this new time traveler, “The Doctor is going to meet someone very new in the very last place he could ever have expected…” I’m excited for the change, but she has huge shoes to fill in place of the Ponds.

Random Who-ness

A couple last things to share. So, driving home from work yesterday I see this in front of me:

What? What? WHAT?! This cannot be a coincidence, although I’m surprised that the 2 of the 100 Whovians in the States live somewhere near me. (I thought the “My other car is a TARDIS’ bumper sticker on my car was already Whovian enough.) I think I now need to upgrade my Whovian Status with an “AL0NS-Y” plate.

Last thing I want to share is actually a video my 10 year old Whovian son found on YouTube.  I loved Rose, I loved 10 and I love 11. I just thought this was a beautiful way to remind the fans that nothing is ever forgotten in the Whoniverse. So, for all you shippers out there – enjoy this one!

So what do you think of how Series 7 is shaping up so far? I’m curious for your opinions in the comments!!

Sources: Doctor Who TV, SFX and Den Of Geek


Doctor Who Series 7 First Official Image and a Weasley!

By Courtney Rowan

Well, fanboys and fangirls, it’s been much, much too long, but I promise I have regained some consciousness and am back! My long pause, you’ll have to excuse, was due to the birth of my baby girl, Melody Rose. (Bonus points for getting the name reference – shouldn’t be hard.)

I make my triumphant  delayed return with some news of Doctor Who series 7! The BBC has released new information in regards to the upcoming series:

“‘Doctor Who’ series seven will consist of fourteen big, blockbuster-movie episodes – each a brand new epic adventure featuring new monsters and some familiar foes as you’ve never seen them before.”

With those fourteen episodes, the BBC further states that,

“Series 7 will then see a dramatic turn of events when The Doctor meets a new friend. Prepare yourselves for thrills, adventures and dramatic surprises as the show builds towards its enormous, climactic 50th anniversary year.”

Are you excited yet??!!

Also some cool guest star news released as Mark Williams, best known for his role as muggle-obsessed Arthur Weasley in the ‘Harry Potter’ films, has been seen on set. The BBC has also confirmed that Williams’ ‘Harry Potter’ co-star David Bradley, who played Argus Filch, will also be appearing in ‘Doctor Who’ this time around. Finally, Rupert Graves, (‘Sherlock’) has also been officially announced as a guest.

Here’s a few other images from shooting released as well:

According to Doctor Who TV, news is that Doctor Who Doctor Who will return with “at least” 14 episodes from Autumn 2012. When they asked Steven Moffat himself some details he said,  “I’ll just say it’s at least 14 episodes. Obviously we start in the Autumn so the Christmas special is part of the run.”



Doctor Who Episode 6.09 “Night Terrors” Photos

By Courtney Rowan

The upcoming episode of Doctor Who on Saturday night is titled “Night Terrors” and new pictures have been released.  These are super creepy, which of course means awesome.  The episode writer is Mark Gatiss, who wrote Victory Of The Daleks, which is not one of my fave episodes,  but he is also a writer for Sherlock, which I love.  That being said, the villains in this episode seem to be down right scary.  Something about the doll in the corner coming to life to strangle you.. of course in classic Doctor Who fashion, I’m sure they’ll actually be some kind of good entity.  Either way, I have a feeling this will be one of those ‘hiding my eyes behind a pillow’ episodes.

Let’s take a look at the pics:

So, yeah, The Doctor looks genuinely scared.  (getting chills)  Like, I said, pillow over my eyes episode.

Doctor Who returns Saturday night at 9:00 PM on BBC America with “Night Terrors”.

Doctor Who “Let’s Kill Hitler” Review

By Courtney Rowan

Well, fanboys and fangirls, how about that? Amazing, right?  If you haven’t seen the episode yet, there are definitely spoilers ahead so please stop back after you’ve watch the episode. 

Steven Moffat at it again, huh?  Bringing us a bloody brilliant return episode.  Answering some questions and breeding many, many more.  That’s what I’ll be focusing on, the new questions last night’s episode created.  Mostly because I”m a little confused on some things, as I think is intended.   So let’s start with the obvious:

1. Mels/Melody/River

We are introduced to this new character through some flashbacks of her growing up with Amy and Rory and being their best mate.  But we’ve never seen her before. She’s never been around in any way shape or form.  It’s like she was inserted mysteriously into their timeline from when they were children.   I will admit, I did not see it coming.  I wasn’t really sure why she was even in the episode at first other than to give us the reason behind the title.  Then we travel to late 1930s Berlin and things really get interesting. So here’s what I think I know:

  • She was the little girl who regenerated in the alley at the end of “The Impossible Astronaut”
  • She regenerated into a toddler and is able to control her age, thus allowing her to grow up, er be raised, by Amy and Rory
  • She’s been trained as this weapon by the eye patch lady’s people as planned – to kill The Doctor
Here’s my biggest question around River – does she really know who she is yet?:
  • She knows enough that Amy and Rory are her parents
  • She knows she can regenerate – but does she know she’s part Timelord?
  • She doesn’t know The Doctor is ‘worth it’
  • Intrinsically she knew how to drive the TARDIS – a product of being a child of the TARDIS, I presume.
So, all in all, we get some further answers aboout River Song, but ultimately more questions.  Like, where does she get her lipsticks from?!  By the way Alex Kingston seriously outdid herself this episode.

2. “Hello Benjamin”

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it’s just an homage to The Graduate , and good ‘ol Mrs. Robinson.  But is that it?  Was it just a ploy for her to grab the gun and reference the whole cougar thing with him?  Or is it more than just an American movie reference and a foreshadowing for something bigger?

3. Silence Will Fall and The Question

Well, not just the name for an alien race then?  This one really threw me off.  A religious order, perhaps the Headless Monk’s religious order?  They are silent, since well, they have no mouths.  Or heads for that matter.  But is that too obvious?  It sounded bigger, more ominous.  And okay, what’s the damn question, assuming the answer isn’t 42. Could the actual question simply be, “Doctor Who?”  That seems impossible as The Doctor is only 900 years old and the universe much older than that.  But wouldn’t that be a Moffat twist to make the show title the ultimate question.  I’m not going to lie, I’m really confused on this one.  I didn’t quite understand the switch from The Silence already falling and now a whole new concept being introduced.  That being said I absolutely love it, just don’t fully understand it yet.  I suspect this will be slowly revealed throughout the second half of the series.

4. Fish Fingers and Custard

I adore this connection between young Amelia and The Doctor.  So, when he is dying with just 32 minutes to live, the significance of this line reappears.  And here’s the bigger question – what happened in those 29 minutes between “Fish fingers and custard” and him showing up in a tux and top hat?  Does it take that long to get into fancy dress, or will we be able to revisit this time loss soon?  I suspect it’s larger than just the top hat.

So that’s my thoughts on last night’s episode, I’m dying to hear what you guys thought.  I’m so excited the rest of the season’s returned and cannot wait to see what Moffat’s got in store for us. Until then here’s a preview for next week’s episode, “Night Terrors”:

Doctor Who “Let’s Kill Hitler” Returns tonight! Are you watching?

By Courtney Rowan

Happy return of Doctor Who Day, fanboys and fangirls!

Today is the day, finally, that The Doctor returns with his next exciting adventure.   Living on the east coast, right outside of Philly, we’ve got quite the excitement going already with Hurricane Irene on her way to destroy us.  I’m sincerly hoping our power outlasts the big girl so we can watch in real time tonight.  I mean, it will be DVR’d anyways, but I don’t want to wait to watch because I’ve been stripped of power for days!

In anticipation for tonight’s return, I’ve consulted with my 9 year old son to get a list of top 3 reasons to be watching.  It’s always so cool to see The Doctor through a child’s eyes and discover they totally get it because you’ve got the same reasons, by the way.  I believe The 4th Doctor (my Doctor) said,

“What’s the point of growing up if you can’t be childish sometimes?”

So, without further delay, here’s my top 3 reasons you should be watching tonight… and always.

1. The Doctor is Cool.

Yes, this is so basic, but incredibly true.  With his affection for bowties and his dare to be different and don’t care attitude, he exudes awesomeness.  And it’s not just the eleventh that has been this cool, but let’s just focus there for a moment.  In “The End of Time” when he is still discovering who he is, and we were trying to figure out who he was, he steps through David Tennant’s face to show the new Who.  Wow. Moment right there.  He is sincere and jokey at the same time.  He does dark so well. I may venture to say I even see a bit of Troughton in him. I believe that Troughton was once told to envision The Doctor as a ‘cosmic hobo’ and I feel that in Mr. Smith.. “OK, what have you got for me this time?”   He is brilliant and everyone wants to be him.  Isn’t that the definition of cool?

2. The Doctor’s Speeches  

Okay, there’s so many quotes/speeches I could go to here, but again focusing on the 11th Doctor, you’ve got to go to the Pandorica Stonehenge Speech,

Hello, Stonehenge! Who takes the Pandorica takes the Universe! But, bad news everyone, ’cause guess who! Ha! Except, you lot, you’re all whizzing about, it’s really very distracting. Could you all just stay still a minute because I am talking!  Now, the question for the hour is, “Who’s got the Pandorica?” Answer: I do. Next question: “Who’s coming to take it from me?” Come on, look at me! No plan, no backup, no weapons worth a damn, oh, and something else: I don’t have anything to lose! So, if you’re sitting up there in your silly little space ships with all your silly little guns, and you’ve got any plans on taking the Pandorica tonight, just remember who’s standing in your way! Remember every black day I ever stopped you, and then, *and then*, do the smart thing!  Let somebody else try first.

And then there’s this one from “The Time of Angels”,

“I’m supposed to climb in after it with a screwdriver and a torch, and assuming I survive the radiation long enough and assuming the ship doesn’t explode in my face, do something incredibly clever which I haven’t actually thought of yet.  That’s my day, that’s what I’m up to. Any questions?”

No, no questions… whew!  Yeah, I love it.

3. The Tardis – The Doctor’s Wife

Aghhh… The TARDIS.  Time And Relative Dimension In Space.  Even the official name is cool.  Everyone wants one, a living breathing machine that knows you better than you know yourself.  Oh, and it travels in time and space,  did I mention that? It’s a beautiful machine.  Neil Gaiman’s episode, “The Doctor’s Wife” we get such an amazing peek into the mind of the TARDIS and how much The Doctor truly loves her.   The bit about who stole who was brilliant banter.  The scene at the end where he really just wants to talk to her more, heartbreaking.  But to know she is looking out for him, so cool.

Of course I was. I wanted to see the universe, so I stole a Time Lord and I ran away. And you were the only one mad enough.


So, that’s me and my son’s top 3 reasons you should be watching Doctor Who now and always.  Returning tonight at 9:00 PM on BBC America with “Let’s Kill Hitler”, Doctor Who is ready to begin the end of season 6 and keep us in suspense of who really killed The Doctor in, “The Impossible Astronaut”.  For a recap of the first half of Season Six in just four minutes, check this out below.



Ten Teasers about Doctor Who’s “Let’s Kill Hitler”

By Courtney Rowan

Digital Spy has released ten teasers about Saturday’s upcoming return of Doctor Who.  Check out some of the best ones and then head over to Digital Spy to see the full list:

  • Top hats are cool.
  • Bananas are still good.
  • River’s romantic past with The Doctor is (sort of) explored.
  • “You don’t know about the Doctor, ‘cos you’re stupid.”
  • “You shot my TARDIS!”
I know you all are super stoked for Saturday too, love getting teasers like this!  Remember to check out their full article for the rest of your Doctor Who fix!

Doctor Who returns Saturday, August 27th at 9:00 PM EST on BBC America with “Let’s Kill Hitler”.

Doctor Who: 3 New Clips Released for “Let’s Kill Hitler” from the BBC

By Courtney Rowan

Happy Friday, fanboys and fangirls! 

What a treat to get 3 new clips today from the BBC for the upcoming return of The Doctor and his companions on Saturday, August 27th.  These are sort of Spoliery, so please skip if you want ot be totally surprised.

Karen Gillan Introduces “Let’s Kill Hitler”

Preview Clip Number 1

Preview Clip Number 2

Doctor Who returns Saturday, August 27 at 9:00 PM with the episode “Let’s Kill Hitler.”